What is Iphone?

Apple Inc. entered the cell-phone market with its revolutionary product, the iPhone in 2007 and since then has changed the way apps where made and sold. The app economy has flourished and the developers and the users have both made the best of it. The next best thing to happen was iPad, launched in the first week of April, which sold 300,000 pieces on the first day itself. This development has further fueled the demand for apps. The figure of 3.5 million apps downloaded by iPad users in the first 48 hours of its release is more than encouraging. Add to that 4 billion. apps downloaded till date by iPhone, iPod touch users till date and a combined figure of 85 million iPhone and iPod touch in the market.The latest update to add to the frenzy is the announcement of iPhone OS 4, which will bring multitasking and over 100+ user features to the end user. This is bundled with the SDK 4 which gives 1500 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to the developer. GlobalSoft Technology has a well experienced dedicated team for iPad and iPhone development. We have developed complex custom applications across multiple categories for our clients worldwide.